entries are open for the 2019 excellence awards

The Excellence Awards hold a level of prestige within the industry and the hearts of New Zealanders that no other awards programme has been able to replicate. Rather than being competition-based, the main idea behind the Excellence Awards is achieving a standard and joining a community of like-minded others to tell the unique New Zealand food story. 

With 2019 marking 23 years for the Excellence Awards, we are immensely proud the Excellence Award has stood the test of time.  We love chatting to chefs, restaurant owners and consumers; all of whom remind us just how unique this programme is. With the progression of time and the advent of social media, the highly recognised gold plate is popping up everywhere and shouts out to peers and customers the high standard of Excellence Award recipients. 

Chefs, we want you to join us on our journey towards creating the best beef and lamb cuisine in the country and in turn, we want to support you by pointing New Zealanders to your restaurant in order to discover it.  All you need to know about applying is on this page or get in touch with us here.