Photography courtesy of Yanina Tacchini

Photography courtesy of Yanina Tacchini



We invite you to apply to be a Beef + Lamb Ambassador Chef for 2020. The role of an Ambassador Chef is to inspire and excite other chefs within the food service industry to create, cook and serve innovative and delicious beef and lamb on their restaurant menus.  We want chefs to celebrate everything that’s amazing about using New Zealand beef and lamb and be inspired by our Ambassador Chefs.

Find out more about the role of a Beef + Lamb Ambassador Chef here.


Every chef has a story to tell of what inspired them into the kitchen and got them to where they are today.  If you are chosen as an Ambassador Chef, we want to share your story and what inspires you to cook with New Zealand beef and lamb?  We’d love to hear about your culinary journey so we can get to know where you’ve come from, what your style of cooking is and what you love the most about cooking with New Zealand beef and lamb.

Meet our current Ambassador Chefs here and hear their story.


You can submit an existing beef and lamb dish that is currently on your menu or create new dishes to submit, however they must be on your menu and available to be assessed if necessary, from 29 October through to the end of November this year.

Entries are submitted online and should include an image and dish description and some notes on the inspiration behind each dish. After applications close a Beef + Lamb Food Service Advisory Panel will select a shortlist of chefs who will go on to the next stage which is the assessment process.

Between 29 October and the end of November the shortlist of restaurants will be anonymously assessed by our culinary trained restaurant assessors.  From these assessments we will choose three of the most outstanding entries from a geographical spread across New Zealand, and these chefs will become our next Ambassadors.


Applications will initially be judged on the visual presentation and creativity of the dish. We will be looking at your dish description, dish inspiration and the images you send through to see how you have made the beef and lamb the hero on the plate. We will be looking at your inspiration and thought processes behind the dish and will be looking for innovation with the cuts you have used and how well they are matched with the dish accompaniments to create an overall harmony of flavours and textures.

The finalists who go on to have their dishes assessed in their restaurant, will be judged on the overall execution of their dish including the preparation and cooking of the beef and lamb, taste, flavour harmony, composition and the overall appeal of the dish.


Monday 9 September - applications open
Friday 18 October - applications close
Tuesday 29 October to end of November - assessment of beef and lamb dishes

The chosen chefs will be announced at the end of January 2020.